Web design

Custom web design for your web site

  • Stylish, custom solution for your very own web site
  • Content creation for blogs and web sites
  • Offering lots of design options and ideas for professional content
  • SEO optimization

Corporate clients

  • Web design for representative and marketing – aimed corporate web sites with responsive design that can be viewed from multiple devices.
  • Additional services for increasing social media presence (Facebook pages and others)
  • SEO optimization

Stylish solution for your e-shop

  • E-shop with Stylish, yet simple web design
  • User profile management with shopping cart and product lists.
  • Payment system implementation like paypal, easypay and other.
  • SEO optimization

A quick introduction to our work cycle:

In Ephedra-TK we strive to not only offer a single service, but complete solution for securing your web site.

  • Creating your web site is only the beginning of our partnership

  • We offer multiple solutions for maintaining and updating your web portal trough our support subscription plans .

Our solutions:

  • Free consultation with our web designers so you can tell us what you want, how you envision the design and the complete web site.

  • We offer a complete solution in term of color catalog, text fonts and graphical shapes for your web site 

  • Search engine optimization – makes your website show in the very first pages in search results.
  • Optimization of the loading speed of your website and all its pages.

  • Payment setup trough paypal, cash on delivery and more.
  • Sales, shopping cart, check out, favorite products management